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Lady Verena Entenwirth

A 16th century German Camp Frau

29 November
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Verena Entenwirth is my SCA "Alter-Ego" or Personna.

I do 16th century German within the SCA.....That's about as much as I have on my persona so far :-)

To flesh it out...here is how I chose my name.
Verena is taken from “Renaissance German Names”by Julie Adams as well as in “German Names from Rottweil,Baden-Württemberg,1441”by by Sara L.Uckelman.Entenwirth is an occupational name meaning “Proprietor of Ducks Inn”.Schwanenwirt(h),which was taken from ”OLD GERMAN PROFESSIONS,OCCUPATIONS and ILLNESSES “ meant proprietor of the Swam Inn. Wirt(h)(in) in German means an innkeeper;land/or a lord/lady and Enten means Ducks (pl.).Therefore Entenwirth would be a female innkeeper/proprietor of the Ducks Inn.